1919 is the year that ChevAnthony Cassar and his brother George first started their merchant business in Qormi, Malta. It is with this in mind that Marsovin has dedicated a wine to this important year in the history of the Cassar family.

Marsovin has a long standing reputation as a winery that firmly supports the Maltese art scene. For decades now the family has sponsored many an artist. It is for this reason why Marsovin decided to create a brand which emphasises this relationship between Maltese art and the winery. The 1919 labels carry two different paintings every year that the wine is produced. These paintings are commissioned on a yearly basis for each vintage produced, the artist is given a brief to paint two paintings based on 'The Culture of Wine'. Maltese artist Andrew Borg has been commisioned for the 2020 vintage paintings of the 1919 range.

Marsovin first started producing 1919 in 2004, from grapes harvested from family owned vineyards in Malta. The 1919 white is produced from a blend of three grape varieties, the indigenous grape Girgentina, Chardonnay and Moscato, displaying fruity aromas of apples, limes and a floral hint of orange blossom. The rosé is made from the indigenous Ġellewża, Grenache and Shiraz varieties displaying a clear and vibrant colour with fresh aromas of rose petals, ripe cherries and light mineral, herbaceous undertones. On the other hand, the 1919 red is made from 100% Ġellewża. The harvested Ġellewża, bunches are laid down to dry in the sun for a number of days before being vinified, resulting in a concentration of the Ġellewża grape’s natural sugars, acidity and flavours.


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