The Marsovin Cellars reflect the commitment and passion of four generations of wine-makers – a blend of tradition and expertise evolved over 90 years. Over 100,000 bottles and 220 oak barrels are aged in these cellars. A practice as rare as the quality it creates. All the finer labels, the varietals and classics, are matured and aged in the dark stillness of the cellars which lie adjacent to the winery at Marsa.  The wine is aged in imported barrels of French or American oak, which imparts specific qualities to the nature of the wine and its aroma.

Hidden in the Marsovin Cellars, originally built in the 17th Century by the Knights of St. John lies a national treasure in the making.

220 oak barrels are being used to age Marsovin's Premium Single Estate Wines, wines produced with our own Maltese terroir and aged with care for you to enjoy.

Marsovin welcomes you to visit our cellars and experience this truly idyllic setting, while sampling our premium wines. Our highly trained staff will guide you through a wine tasting session where you can learn how to truly appreciate, enjoy and taste wine. Learn about the 3 year process of producing Cassar de Malte, Malta's only Brut produced by hand, in the Methode Traditionnelle, the original method used to produce Champagne used only by three other companies in the whole of the Mediterranean region.

Enjoy walking through the same rooms that 400 years ago were used by the Knights of St. John as a whole network of workshops, in an area which years ago was bustling with action, boat building and bartering whilst the knight’s schooners came in and out the harbour bay for business. An interesting disclosure is that hundreds of years ago all harbour traffic and Valletta transport came up and down this same hill.

A cellar tour at Marsovin is an exciting event for every wine drinker to enjoy, both as a gathering between friends as well as social event with a difference. Locals and tourists are always left impressed with one of our cellar tours.

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