Marsovin is a household name in Malta, synonymous with the production of premium wines. The roots of this well-earned status were planted almost a century ago when Chev. Anthony Cassar founded the company under the name of A&G Cassar, in 1919. Marsovin was incorporated in 1956 as a family-run company which grew to become a significant part of the history of wine-making in Malta.

During the ensuing years, Marsovin continued to expand and modernise, maintaining its high quality reputation which makes the company the leading producer and exporter of wines in Malta. Marsovin has set major inroads in viticulture and winemaking in Malta and established the current high standards which some Maltese wines enjoy internationally.

The high standard of Marsovin wines is attributed partly to Malta’s favourable climatic conditions but also to the stringent controls maintained by experts from the viticultural aspect to the vinification process in order to ensure that the optimum level of quality is achieved.

Today, Marsovin owns 199.7 tumoli of land which make up their five Estates, testimony to Marsovin’s commitment to the culture of wine. These Estates, in Malta and Gozo, are owned by Marsovin and the Cassar family and are specifically intended for the production of premium quality, single-estate wines.  Over the recent years Marsovin has also introduced several wines into its portfolio all of which are produced from contracted land, owned by Maltese and Gozitan farmers who produce grapes according to Marsovin’s specifications, as of Summer 2008 Marsovin currently contracts a total of 1116 tumoli/125 hectares around Malta & Gozo.