Producing fine premium wines requires dedication and passion for the culture of wine. Since the late nineties Marsovin has embraced the culture of limited edition wines characterized by a unique style of production. The first step was taken when the Ghajn Rihana estate was planted in 1996, where the estate was designed to produce a very limited edition wine, Grand Maitre. This was shortly followed by the creation of Malta’s first sparkling wine produced in the Méthode Traditionnelle, Cassar De Malte, where approximately only 500 cases are produced every year.

Recently Marsovin has embarked on its third project to produce Malta’s first ever passito, Guze. Producing a Passito requires a lot of care and attention to ensure that the grapes skins do not burst whilst being harvested and to ensure that the drying conditions remain consistent all throughout the drying process.

The limited nature of each one of these wines allows Marsovin to give each bottle of wine more care and attention. The production per annum ranges between 3000 – 8000 bottles, depending on the wine and the climate.

This attention to detail, from the moment the vineyard is designed all the way through to the packaging design, qualifies these wines as Boutique wines.