In May 2007 Malta introduced its D.O.K. and I.G.T. production protocols. These protocols were introduced with aim of increasing the overall quality produced by the Maltese wine makers and to keep a tight balanced control of various aspects of viticulture and oenological practices.

Marsovin experts together with another winery and the respective farmers association in both Malta and Gozo, were responsible for the preparation of the protocol. Marsovin's experts Christian Cremona and Philip Tonna were the leading team responsible for guiding the industry through this important phase in its history.

I.G.T. Maltese Islands classifies any wines which have either been produced from grapes grown Malta and Gozo or wines which have been produced from vineyards which produced more grapes than the amount allowed by the D.O.K. protocol.

The controls for these protocols are managed by the Ministry for Agriculture, who determines which wines are classified under which classifications, from the outset of the harvest all the way through the wine making to the labeling phase.